What is Silent Queue Design?

Since 1999, I have been doing freelance art direction and graphic design under the name Silent Queue Design.

Prior to starting out on my own I worked as the in-house designer for a small print/copy company for four years.

My work includes the full range of print design, including logo design and corporate identity, theatre programs and posters, ads and promotional items, magazines and books. Having been self-employed, I also have extensive experience preflighting all of my designs for output.

I have also designed and produced several websites. I prefer to hand-code for the cleanest, leanest code possible. And I'm comfortable using straight HTML when that's all that's needed, or a full MySQL/PHP application for more complicated, dynamic sites. I tend to approach web design with the same ethos I use for print: the work communicates a message and the design should be as transparent as possible.

Silent Queue Design's biggest client was Artichoke — an award-winning magazine celebrating Western Canadian art and craft. I was Artichoke's entire art department for six years, during which time I was responsible for design, layout and preflighting of the editorial content of the quarterly magazine, several special issues, and four books. I also designed several ads for the magazine, promotional items, and designed, produced and maintained several incarnations of its website. (Artichoke's online archive of featured artists and authors was the impetus for my learning the MySQL/PHP server model.)

Whether for print or screen, I try to learn something new with each project.

Self-taught for 11 years, I am constantly familiarizing myself with new software as it becomes available and have even been known to create projects for myself for the sheer joy of figuring out how something can be done.

In the summer of 2005, my family and I relocated from Vancouver, BC to Moncton, NB, where I upgraded and certified my skills by attending the Graphic Design program at McKenzie College. I now hold a President's List Diploma in Graphic Design.

We now live in Saskatoon, SK.

Thanks for visiting my website. Have a look around and make yourself at home.

Michael Dymund